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Tires For Every Terrain

Established in 1946, Shinko motocross and motorcycle tires have been a staple in the racing world for over 70 years. Whether you need motorcycle tires for the slick paved streets or motocross tires for the muddy trail, Shinko tires offer the perfect tire for your motorcycle, dirt bike, or scooter.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires

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Shinko motorcycle tires offer options for any road or weather condition. So no matter your driving style, location or climate, there’s a set of tires suited for you. Extreme performance products like the 008 Race Rider have a slick/dimple design, soft compound, and a W speed rating (270 km/h) that boasts one of the largest contact patches to the road. The SR267/268 flat track tire provide riders with the option of three different rubber compounds ensuring the perfect fit for any track condition. Shinko’s tires are tailored to respond to the demands of the road and rider.

Shinko Motocross Tires

Motocross Tires

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All terrain Shinko motocross tires vary in tread design to provide traction in even the most extreme conditions. Products like Shinko’s 216MX series, with its ultra-soft tire, responds to the challenges of off-roading by ensuring a strong grip in even the toughest terrain. The taller profile makes it easier to navigate larger obstacles in your journey including rocks, trees and bushes.

Shinko Scooter Tires

Scooter Tires

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Shinko scooter tires are DOT certified and offer a tough nylon construction that allows you to navigate the stop and go of city streets without worry. Shinko’s SR704 series is designed to adapt to a variety of weather events, including wet and slippery conditions.

The Right Size Tire

Before you start shopping for the perfect tire, you must know exactly what size tire you are looking for. Consult with your owner’s manual to get the correct sizes of your front and rear tire.

The Right Tire Tread

Tire tread can vary greatly depending on its intended use. The main factor to deciding on what tread is best for you is terrain. Will you be riding on sand? mud? pavement? Or perhaps a hybrid of some or all terrains? Shinko tires provide options for a variety of tire treads for every terrain.

160 KM Run-In

It is recommended that you run-in your new Shinko tires for approximately 100 miles or 160 kilometers. Before then, maximum power or hard cornering should not be applied to the tires. Proper run-in allows you to familiarize yourself with the feel of the new tires or tire combination, as well as allowing the tire mold release agent applied during the manufacturing process to be worn off.

South Korean Manufacturing. Japanese Design.

With manufacturing based in South Korea and design based in Japan, Shinko has seamlessly combined Japanese engineering and design principles with South Korean production and quality control standards.


Celebrating Over 70 Years Of Tires

The Shinko Group was originally established in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. They began as producers of bicycle tires and tubes. It wasn’t until 1998 that Shinko would make a move to purchase Yokohama Rubber Co. and put their newly purchased technology toward motorcycle tires.

Shinko tires are some of the best bang for your buck tires on the market. While they are less likely to innovate their tread designs than some other top tier brands, this is reflected in their prices. With that in mind, Shinko regularly produces reliable tires that are stable in all weather conditions and sells around 200,000 tires per month worldwide!

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